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Re: Anyone on this list?

Gianfranco Berardi <linuxmail@gbgames.com> writes:

> If I were to make a 3D Real Time Strategy game or RPG, there aren't
> readily any game engines available to work with. Most likely I will
> wind up trying to make the entire engine (let alone the game) myself
> or with a team.

There is Freecraft, from the rumors a great engine, but it has ugly
gfx and quit blurry design goals (no clean split if it wants to be a
generic engine or a game). But its there, it works and adding a 3D
engine to it shouldn't be that hard.

For RPGs you can look at Adonthell, which is pretty close to good old
SNES games like Crono Trigger or Final Fantasy. Adonthell also
provides a quite cool looking dialog editor.

What I currently miss is a good old Jump'n Run that can compete with
something like some of the Mario games on the SNES.

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