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Re: Anyone on this list?

> http://seul.org/docs/autotut/
> It's quite a long read, but you'll be surprised how easy it actually is
> once you've tried it out on some small programs.
Ok, thanx.

> Depends on your priorities. If you want people to use your programs you
> need to make it easy for them to use and you need to make them want to try
> your stuff - a website is the advertising for your program and nothing puts
> people off something faster than a page that isn't easy to navigate or
> doesn't look good. In general the effort spent on making a good site IS
> worth it - even if it doesn't pay off for one project, the skills and
> experience WILL come in handy sooner or later. Even if you don't want to
> invest the time in web design, if you're hosted on somewhere that provides
> a mysql database and php then you could just use phpNuke - it's worth
> paying for decent hosting to get these anyway (every website I've worked on
> ends up needing perl, php and at least one mysql database sooner or later -
> if you want your own online bug tracking software rather than sourceforge's
> then you'll need at least perl/mysql anyway) and nuke provides all the
> features you seem to need while also looking good and being easy to
> navigate.

Ok, i'll make a better site...