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Game projects

I am involved in a game project (not necessarily Free...yet) with a few 
of my friends. In all likelihood, it will not be completed; however, I 
am of the mind that if I am going to work on this project, I will see to 
it that I try my hardest.

Anyway, in terms of game projects where everyone involved is not 
necessarily separated by great distances (you all live in the same 
city), is it generally a good idea to have regular meetings face to face?
We have a forum setup for general gaming and discussion. We are 
originally gamers and have setup a group for LAN parties and organizing 
online games between ourselves.
Now we have a game project that we decided to take on. We set up 
separate forums for  those of us involved in the game project.
I am just wondering what people have experienced as a better arrangement 
for getting ideas and such across: meetings or online discussions?

In the book "Game Architecture and Design" it mentions that meetings 
should be restricted to only very major decisions, and that some other 
way of transmitting information, such as a web forum or some central 
website, should be used for general discussion such as game design and 
technical details.

I agree for the most part, especially since meetings are difficult to 
organize. Not everyone sees everyone else on a daily basis, especially 
since we are divided between three schools and work and such. For now we 
are working in our spare time since this is a hobby project.
Everyone can go to a forum in their own time, whereas a meeting requires 
you to have at least a half day set aside, and something might arise 
that prohibits some members from going.

Any ideas/thoughts on this?