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Re: Game projects

Gianfranco Berardi wrote:

> Anyway, in terms of game projects where everyone involved is not 
> necessarily separated by great distances (you all live in the same 
> city), is it generally a good idea to have regular meetings face to face?

I think it would make it easier to keep the group working together.

It's easy to gradually slip out of the habit of working on a project
when you are only communicating by email - but with face-to-face meetings
I'd imagine it could only help to keep the group together.

> In the book "Game Architecture and Design" it mentions that meetings 
> should be restricted to only very major decisions, and that some other 
> way of transmitting information, such as a web forum or some central 
> website, should be used for general discussion such as game design and 
> technical details.

But I'm sure they were thinking of games companies where everyone is in
the same building.  The temptation to hold meetings for the most minor
decisions is always there and it's a major distraction to getting work done.

Even phone calls can break your concentration enough to blow away 20 minutes
of careful thought...which is why email is such a great idea.  You can
attend to it when you have an odd moment - yet still reply to people's
queries in a timely manner.

However, in your context, getting everyone together once a week
to put back some beers and chew over the latest problems, plan for the
future and generally have some fun would be a GREAT idea.

I envy you for having enough people living close enough to do that.
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