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Re: SCO vs IBM

On Tue, 21 Oct 2003 12:18:45 -0300
Miguel A.Osorio <maos@gbl.com.br> wrote:

> I was just wondering. What do you think about the impact of this lawsuit
> against IBM on the OpenSource community? How about on Linux development
> itself?

More annoyed that worried. SCO don't have a leg to stand on and their whole
behaviour stinks of a stock pump-and-dump tactic (look at SCOX on yahoo
finance, then compare with with their SEC filings - they aren't even trying
to hide it). Every time someone releases a statement basically blowing
SCO's case away, SCO come out with yet another increasingly outlandish piece
of gibberish that somehow manages to convince investors, never the most
sensible thinkers (see also: the dotcom boom and disaster), to buy SCO
stock. And as for the corporate view...

"The survey, published Monday, found that 84 percent of CIOs with Linux
installation plans had not re-evaluated their plans in response to the SCO
litigation. Of the respondents, 73 percent had Linux implementation plans,
according to the survey."

As I say, not worried. Just don't let me near a nuclear missile with a
long-range guidance system.

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