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Re: OpenGL performance on different operating systems

Gregor Mückl wrote:

I recently became curious about how different operating systems may affect the performance of things like OpenGL rendering. If I could install Windows on this computer I'd conduct some testing myself, but I've thorougly messed it up (well, I might also call it a bug that Windows can't be installed on a logical partition), so I'm stuck with a Linux only environment.
It makes almost zero difference with modern graphics cards (ATI/nVidia/3Dlabs).

Or in other words: Are there areas where the commonly available OpenGL implementations for Linux are particularly slow or fast in comparison? Or is this dominated by differences in hardware?
All three major vendors have 'unified drivers' where 99% of the code is
identical for Linux and Windows.

Some operating system operations are faster on one OS versus the other - but
most 'realtime' applications do so little of that stuff that they aren't
likely to notice.

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