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Re: Relative path in game? SOLVED

On Sat, Oct 14, 2006 at 12:40:38AM +0200, Frédéric Lopez wrote:

> All the commercial and free games I have installed do follow the FHS, 
> putting their data in /usr/local/games/<name of the game>, their 
> binaries in /usr/local/bin/ and their user files in 
> ~/.<name_of_the_game>. I fail to see why you do think this way of doing 
> things is outdated.

The FHS helps you nothing to find the location of your data files, it
simply forces you to use a specific directry. If the user wants to install
the game in his home directory, under /opt/, somewhere else (they a
directory that is exported via NFS) or maybe in a different named 
directory because he has two different version installed at once the 
FHS becomes totally unusable and you have to resort to other magic
to find out where the data is. In short hard-compiled paths make you
binary non-relocatable. Binreloc fixes this problem in an elegant way,
using an installer application that writes the install path into
some config file is of course another way to make it work, but I prefer
binaries that I can simply untar and run and those only work reliable
if you find the location of the binary.

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