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Re: Fwd: LinuxGames Homepage

Ian Crawford wrote:

>I said it once and I'll say it again.  If you are going to add frames to

You're replying this to my post, right? Well, I actually wrote it before I
read your first post concerning this, but my mail system decided to delay it

>the site, please make an easily accessible frameless version for users of
>browsers that don't handle frames well.

Yes, I agree with that. A frame version is a good thing, but we shouldn't
exclude people with alternative browsers.

However, the site has to be up *quick* - so we have to build one of these
versions now. It doesn't matter which - as long as we place some note ont
he site saying that the other version will be done as soon as things have
stabilized enough (and a long as we don't forget to actually do that then)
it's ok.

So, Jorrit or Magnus or whoever can do it - please prepare a basic site
setup, no matter if it's with or without frames (for now).
Note that I would have the time for it, but (1) it would take three times
as long as for any normal human and (2) it would look UGLY. Believe me.

I'll prepare as much of the documentation as possible in the meantime (see
my reply to Magnus' post for details)


PS: I attached the complete site .tar.gz'd, so that we can start before
this /&(/%(/!! Passwd problem will be solved.

PPS: The attached archive already contains the (preliminary) intro I wrote.


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