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Re: Fwd: LinuxGames Homepage

Henti Smith wrote:

>>(1) I hate frames because they're not nice to browse with lynx
>>(2) I love frames because they make big sites much more controllable
>not really ... look at the freshmeat site ... It's huge .. but still without
>frames ;)

Yes, ok, I admit it - I haven't meditated about frames before writing this

>>Jorrit ... ? Do you have a bit spare time?? ;+)
>>I can send you the current homepage (all the files) via email (it's not
>>much right now)...
>If you'd like me to help just shout ... I have done some webpages before ..

HEEEEELP !!!!! ;)

Yes, it would be nice if you could team up with Jorrit and get at least the
basic site up. It doesn't have to be fancy, but I feel we really should
have it up before that CNet radio show on Thursday.


"use the source, luke." (obi-wan gnuobi)