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Re: Fwd: LinuxGames Homepage

My appologies :))


currently it only has the old site .. but will gradually be replaced by the
new one ..

-----Original Message-----
From: Christian Reiniger <warewolf@mayn.de>
To: Henti Smith <hsmith@dockside.co.za>
Date: 08 September 1998 02:46
Subject: Re: Fwd: LinuxGames Homepage

>Henti Smith wrote:
>>I grabbed the tarball you sent and set it up on a virtual domain
>>http://games.tudogs.co.za I'll mail Jorrit and sort something out with him
>Thx. :)
> Christian
>PS: Can you post such messages to the mailing list? The others are also
>interested in them, I'm sure.
>"use the source, luke." (obi-wan gnuobi)