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Re: LinuxGames website contents

Magnus Norddahl wrote:

>> >     - Platform dependent sdk's (dx, svgalib, ggi, x11, etc.)
>> This part isn't very urgent. But I'll ask the GGI ppl for a short overview
>> anyways. Who can contribute on the other sdks?
>It is an essential part of the site. It generally shows what libs you have

That comment was meant only for the "Platform dependent SDKs" part. IMHO
the platform INdependent libs are more important now (please note that I'm
speaking of the very first version of the page. We can of course add that
stuff immediately afterwards, but we have to concentrate on the most
important stuff if we want to have it up in time.)

>the different GUI libs (Qt, GtK, wxWindow, Motif, MFC, etc) available.

Try   http://www.theoffice.net/guitool/   for this ;)

>> >     - Higherlevel platform independent sdk's (clanlib, pplay)
>> This page should also contain an explanation about the planned toolkit
>> modularity and interoperability. I can write that.
>The list of platform sdk's was mainly meant as the list of tools available.
>More specific information about them can either be read at their websites, or

Yes, I meant the above as some note a la "almost all of these SDKs are
designed as modular as possible, so you can freely combine them". Nothing
more here.

>It is hard to explain the difference between the projects in 2-5 lines.
>Instead I was thinking about dividing them into different types of sdks:
>1) Platform dependent sdks. The other libs are usually build upon these.
>2) Lowlevel platform independent libs.
>3) Higherlevel platform independent libs.

The Problem is that PPlay, ClanLib, GAMES and CrystalSpace all fit into (3).
But IMHO it's possible to line out the differences in a few words (e.g.
that CrystalSpace is mainly centered around the 3D engine)

>> >  - List of games using one or more of the game sdk's offered here.
>When DirectX originally appeared, it contained (and still does) some demo
>games demonstrating its abilities. I think we need such mini-games here too.

Yes, right. And if possible the same game in several versions, each using a
different combination of libs.

>They are needed to show the game developers that you actually _can_ write
>cool fast games with these libs.


"use the source, luke." (obi-wan gnuobi)