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Re: LinuxGames website contents

Christian Reiniger wrote:

>Magnus Norddahl wrote:
>>It is hard to explain the difference between the projects in 2-5 lines.
>>Instead I was thinking about dividing them into different types of sdks:
>>1) Platform dependent sdks. The other libs are usually build upon these.
>>2) Lowlevel platform independent libs.
>>3) Higherlevel platform independent libs.
>The Problem is that PPlay, ClanLib, GAMES and CrystalSpace all fit into (3).
>But IMHO it's possible to line out the differences in a few words (e.g.
>that CrystalSpace is mainly centered around the 3D engine)

Update: I typed too fast and missed the point. You're right, it's very
difficult. We anyway should focus on the individual libs (Penguin2D,
ClanSound etc) instead of the projects as whole. We'll just need links to
them to show what projects are available.


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