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Re: website


Sorry that I didn't reply for so long, but the previous two days were
really busy here :(
But now everything is ok again, so... Action!! ;)

Ian Crawford wrote:

>> * I'm not sure about the "Developers" page of the old site. What is it

>the idea wsa that if you were starting a project you could look there for
>a sound guy or an AI guy or something.  The real reason it stayed on the

Hmm, yes, ok. I guess we'd best handle that by having people wanting to
start a game project post their announce/request on the mailing list...

So I think we should drop that page.

Another Idea: What about having the mail address of some "contact person"
on the homepage - for the people who have a suggestion or question but
don't want to subscribe to the mailing list for that?

>page was lack of constructive criticism.  No one ever questioned anything
>that was there. The only feedback (until recently) I was given was "I like
>it" or "Looks good".  See what I mean? 

Ugh. Yes, that's bad.


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