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Homepage comments


First of - I really like the "flaming" look of the page. It's nice.

Ok, now to the criticism ;)

1) There's a typo in the "Discussions" gfx (it reads "Disccussions" ;)

2) Perhaps we should somehow group the main links (e.g. with slightly
greater vertical spacing between the groups - you know what I mean?)

The groups could be like this:


Developers (I'm still not sure about the Developers thing. Perhaps we
should drop it)

E-Mail (perhaps this one should be a little more seperate, perhaps also in
a different look. And I'd call it "Contact Us" (?))

3) IMHO the short section names aren't very descriptive. Does anyone here
know better ones? Else we'll need some "where to find what" intro. But
perhaps we'll need that anyway. Comments?

4) As for the organization of the Tools overview: We already decided to
divide that into four parts - low/mid/high level toolkits and applications.
The page containing the links to these four parts should include
- A short description what the "Tools" section is for (give an overview of
the available stuff)
- a short description of each of the four parts (e.g. our definitions for
what is low/mid/high level, ...)

5) Each tool overview page should contain some quick overview table as on
I'm not sure whether it's better to place this at the top or bottom of the
page. What do you think?

6)The main tool descriptions should IMHO be organized somehow along the
lines of http://cg.cs.tu-berlin-de/~ki/engines.html . There you can
filter/sort the stuff by several categories (e.g. "show me all toolkits
with available source" or "show me only toolkits available in a release
version"). However, perhaps this is overkill right now... Comments?

Er, well, that's all for now. I'm too tired to continue ;)


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