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RE: Homepage comments


I had a look .. and I must confess ... the spelling is all my fault .. 
I'm just a little dutchman ( south african if you want ) 
In future I'll run ispell or something thru the html ;) 

I have changed the toolbar again ... slightly ... I have added sub-title type
discriptions to the main links .. let me know how that gells .. 

I hae removed the developers section .. and changed it to "Dev and Code" and I
plan to setup a list list off documentation of coding things like 3d engins and
all that stuff you all know about ;) 
( feedback on this idea please ! ) 

I unfortunately have a 3 day dealine for a site at the moment .. so I'll be
offline so to speak to a while ... anybody out there wanting to give a hand ..
feel free ... I'll send you all the font's and stuffies I used for the logos
and such .. Just mail me 

Henti Smithw

> First of - I really like the "flaming" look of the page. It's nice.

Glad you like it :)) 
> Ok, now to the criticism ;)
> 1) There's a typo in the "Discussions" gfx (it reads "Disccussions" ;)

Fixed :) 
> 2) Perhaps we should somehow group the main links (e.g. with slightly
> greater vertical spacing between the groups - you know what I mean?)
> The groups could be like this:
> Tools
> Comparison
> Examples
> Projects
> Compatibility
> Developers (I'm still not sure about the Developers thing. Perhaps we
> should drop it)
> Discussions
> Links
> E-Mail (perhaps this one should be a little more seperate, perhaps also in
> a different look. And I'd call it "Contact Us" (?))

Done ... I'll add a Contact link to all the Pages rather ;0
> 3) IMHO the short section names aren't very descriptive. Does anyone here
> know better ones? Else we'll need some "where to find what" intro. But
> perhaps we'll need that anyway. Comments?

Read above 
> 4) As for the organization of the Tools overview: We already decided to
> divide that into four parts - low/mid/high level toolkits and applications.
> The page containing the links to these four parts should include
> - A short description what the "Tools" section is for (give an overview of
> the available stuff)
> - a short description of each of the four parts (e.g. our definitions for
> what is low/mid/high level, ...)

Ok .. what are that information ... you must remember .. I only started Coding
2 hours ago ;) 
> 5) Each tool overview page should contain some quick overview table as on
> http://www.theoffice.net/guitool/ 

P.S. .. this link is no longer there ;) 

> I'm not sure whether it's better to place this at the top or bottom of the
> page. What do you think?
> 6)The main tool descriptions should IMHO be organized somehow along the
> lines of http://cg.cs.tu-berlin-de/~ki/engines.html . There you can
> filter/sort the stuff by several categories (e.g. "show me all toolkits
> with available source" or "show me only toolkits available in a release
> version"). However, perhaps this is overkill right now... Comments?
> Er, well, that's all for now. I'm too tired to continue ;)
> Cu
>       Christian
> --
> I saw God --------- and she was black.

E-Mail: hsmith@dockside.co.za
Date: 28-Sep-98
Time: 21:25:56

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