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RE: Homepage comments

hsmith@dockside.co.za wrote:

>I have changed the toolbar again ... slightly ... I have added sub-title type
>discriptions to the main links .. let me know how that gells .. 

I like it. But please remove the last rule (the one after "Links").

As to the text:
* Does it have to be "SDK's" or "SDKs" ?
* The "Comparison" subtitle is a bit odd. Perhaps "Their strengths
examined" or "Which one to choose" is better.
* The "Examples" subtitle should be "Example Games" (i.e. without that "of")
* The "Compatibility" subtitle should be something like "How they fit
* The "Developers" or "Dev and Code" part still seems to be unneccessary to
me. If it's for listing still-unemployed developers, well, I don't think we
need that. If it's for helping people with their stuff - That's what the
"Discussions" section is for IMHO.

>plan to setup a list list off documentation of coding things like 3d engins and
>all that stuff you all know about ;) 
>( feedback on this idea please ! ) 

Hmmm, I wouldn't assemble too much "general" game programming stuff on the
site, as there are already quite some sites doing that very well. We'd
better have a good link collection for this.

>> E-Mail (perhaps this one should be a little more seperate, perhaps also in
>> a different look. And I'd call it "Contact Us" (?))
>Done ... I'll add a Contact link to all the Pages rather ;0

Yeah, that's better.

>> 4) As for the organization of the Tools overview: We already decided to
>> divide that into four parts - low/mid/high level toolkits and applications.
>> The page containing the links to these four parts should include
>> - A short description what the "Tools" section is for (give an overview of
>> the available stuff)
>> - a short description of each of the four parts (e.g. our definitions for
>> what is low/mid/high level, ...)
>Ok .. what are that information ... you must remember .. I only started Coding
>2 hours ago ;) 

I'll write that after I got some sleep ;)

>> 5) Each tool overview page should contain some quick overview table as on
>> http://www.theoffice.net/guitool/ 
>P.S. .. this link is no longer there ;) 

Ugh. <looking> I fortunately have the page still in my wwwoffle cache -
attached it ;)


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