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Text of the "Tools" page

Ok, here's the text of the "Tools" page. 

BTW: I looked through older mails covering that topic and discovered thet
the "low/mid/high level" distinction for SDKs I used recently is plain
wrong. Shame on me. I utilized the right one below.

[Platform dependent libs]
Most of the libraries in this section are basic hardware abstraction code,
but you'll also find some pretty highlevel code. Because of its platform
dependency we generally don't recommend using this stuff directly.

[Low level platform independent libs/APIs]
Here you'll find code allowing you to write portable code while still going
down to the bare metal where necessary. This is usually the best choice if
you want to make existing games portable without too much fuss.

[Higher level platform independent libs/APIs]
The stuff in here generally adds quite a lot of functionality and tries to
make your game programming as easy and comfortable as possible without
sacrificing speed. Generally the best choice if you want to start on a new

Here you'll find the tools you need for designing an writing a game - image
manipulation software, 3D renderers, modelers, code generation and
-management software etcetc


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