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Re: Text of the "Tools" page

Christian Reiniger wrote:

> [Higher level platform independent libs/APIs]
> The stuff in here generally adds quite a lot of functionality and tries to
> make your game programming as easy and comfortable as possible without
> sacrificing speed. Generally the best choice if you want to start on a new
> game.
> [Applications]
> Here you'll find the tools you need for designing an writing a game - image
> manipulation software, 3D renderers, modelers, code generation and
> -management software etcetc

The difference between those two layers may be vague in some cases.
Take for example Crystal Space (sorry for always rambling about my engine
but I happen to know it very well :-)

We are trying to make it a very useable game/engine API. The current work
is focused on making it possible to distribute all parts of Crystal Space as
toolboxes or libraries. That description would categorize it into the
first section above (Higher level platform indepednent libs/API's).

However, in your list of [Applications] you also mention 3D renderers.
Crystal Space is indeed a 3D renderer. But is it an application? Crystal Space
as such is not very useful. It only becomes useful in combination with an
Application (like a game).

What do you think?

> Cu
>         Christian
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