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Re: Text of the "Tools" page

Jorrit Tyberghein wrote:

>> [Higher level platform independent libs/APIs]

>> [Applications]
>> Here you'll find the tools you need for designing an writing a game - image
>> manipulation software, 3D renderers, modelers, code generation and
>> -management software etcetc

>We are trying to make it a very useable game/engine API. The current work
>is focused on making it possible to distribute all parts of Crystal Space as
>toolboxes or libraries. That description would categorize it into the
>first section above (Higher level platform indepednent libs/API's).
>However, in your list of [Applications] you also mention 3D renderers.
>Crystal Space is indeed a 3D renderer. But is it an application? Crystal Space

With 3D renderers I meant things like POVRay, Blender, BMRT etc. Is
"Renderer" the correct word for this?


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