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Re: Meta-Project announcement/Call-For-Developers (rough draft)

Charles Durst wrote:

>This is a rough draft of a potential Freshmeat/slashdot editorial to
>announce the new LinuxGames "meta-project" and ask for help.  I'm

Wow. I'm completely stunned. You said you'd post the introduction - and now
you made the entire thing. Great.

>However, any and all feedback would be appreciated.  This is a rough
>draft after all. :-)

Sorry, but I disagree here. It's much more than a rough draft. I had a
really hard time finding any weak points - and the ones I finally found
really are just minor things. Excellent work. :)

Ok, now about the little things I found:

1) somewhere in the "History" part it reads "Here are the archives for past
meetings", while it should be "archives *of* past meetings". My fault.

2) IMHO the first sentence in the "Proposal" part is too complex (don't
know a better word right now). It reads: "The proposed goal [...] is to 
act as a clearing house for [...] software to support creation of [...]
toolkits for developing games and other multimedia software."
It's the "c.house for software to support creation of toolkits for" thing
that bothers me. I suggest reforming the sentence to something like 
"The proposed goal of the new Linux Game Development Center project is to
act as a clearing house supporting creation of comprehensive, cross-platform
toolkits for game and other multimedia software development."

3) Points 2 and 3 of the Proposal list say pretty much the same. I'd
merge them into one point saying "Help game SDK developers coordinate with
one another (via mailing lists and perhaps IRC get-togethers) to improve
compatibility and ease the sharing of algorithms and code. This could even
help SDK developers abstract out new layers of common or overlapping
functionality between projects." (That's mainly the Text of Point three
with an added note about the compatibility thing)

4) The endnote in the "Requests" part is formulated somehow confusing (esp.
the "join the linuxgames mailing list" part appears twice in the same
sentence). What about "All interested people are invited to join the
linuxgames mailing list and take part in the discussions (send a blank
message to "linuxgames-subscribe@sunsite.auc.dk")." ?

5) All acronyms in the list of projects should also be spelled out (this
one is mainly my fault I think). Here's the updated list:

3dfx HowTo 
ALSA - Advanced Linux Sound Architecture 
Daryll Strauss' Linux 3D page 
GAMES - GNU Animation Multimedia Entertainment System 
GGI  - General Graphics Interface
GSI  - General Sound Interface
Linux game development webring 
Linux Game Programming HowTo 
Linux Game Programming Megasite 
Linux Game Tome 
Linux Games Development Center 
MGL - ???
SDL - Simple DirectMedia Layer

Well, that's it from my side. I'll give the proposal to some other
(unbiased) people for a check ("imagine you stumble upon this while
browsing your favorite news site") just to be sure.


PS: I suppose we now use "Linux Game Development Center" (or LGDC) as
name for further discussions (instead of "meta-project"): Or does anyone
here know a better name?


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