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Re: SDL vs GGI

>> Hey, I got over 300 fps in Quadra with Xlib, just through clever
>> programming. No shared memory.
>This is the entire point though.  You can't possibly get any benefit
>from a game that runs faster than your video rate - 76Hz at most.

That's true. But it was useful only for debugging.
I guess... :)

>Who cares if you get 500Hz with one scheme, 200Hz with another
>and only 100Hz with X - it's of monumental unimportance.

I see a reason. This can make you think about ways
to improve the graphics, sound... every resource and
push your game to the limit of your machine. This will
assure that your game will remain stable and it won't
slowdown even when the screen fills will dozens of
monsters in an unexpected condition. You will have
the freedom to improve the L&F of the game without
worrying about performance.

Pedro Medeiros.