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Re: SDL vs GGI

Steve Baker wrote:

> THat's ridiculous!  Checking my system logs, I can tell you that I have
> not
> rebooted my machine since I installed SuSE 6.1 a couple of months ago. I
> use X exclusively!  If your machine is dying that frequently, you have
> a serious problem somewhere.  Linux just doesn't have to be rebooted - X
> or no X!

	I only wish that were true.  Since--IIRC--X does all the handling of
keyboard and mouse input, if X dies, you're basically out of luck.  I've
had X seize up on me running a CVS build of E (pre DR15), and more
recently trying to run Loki's Myth II demo as root (for full-screen and
all that).  *Linux* may have kept running, but since I couldn't actually
interact with my computer, it was as good as my entire machine going
down--had to hit that power button and restart.  (This, I realize,
wouldn't be a problem for folks running their machines as servers, but
for those of us w/laptops, it's a pain.)  
	Question for the list: would it be better if something besides X
handled keyboard and mouse input, so that if X dies, you could just