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Re: SDL vs GGI

>> Precisely which "resources" are being wasted?  I guarantee that if you
>> have upgraded your 386, it won't be worth arguing about.
Upgrading has nothing to do with it.
Is it using any of the following:  RAM, DISK, CPU?
Is it providing any benefit?
For the record, I run a Celeron 300a, 64 MB ram, Matrox G200 8 MB, with a
17" monitor.

>> THat's ridiculous!  Checking my system logs, I can tell you that I have
>> rebooted my machine since I installed SuSE 6.1 a couple of months ago. I
>> use X exclusively!
>> If your machine is dying that frequently, you have
>> a serious problem somewhere.
>> Linux just doesn't have to be rebooted - X or no X!
You've never installed software that froze X, locking keyboard and mouse?
I have.