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Re: SDL vs GGI

Pierre Phaneuf <pp@ludusdesign.com> writes:

> Alexandre Courbot wrote:
>>> If GGI get a similar level of "support" by the distributions (just
>>> including the package, that is), tell me what would be the advantage of
>>> GGI over Svgalib?
>> Short answer: you don't need root rights to run your programs. That way
>> Quadra won't crash. :)
> Sorry, that's if you have "real GGI". Here, all I got to work was the
> Svgalib target. Crash crash.

Its not GGI that crashes, its svgalib ;-)

> And if the "real GGI" does the same mistake (because it is only a
> package in the distribution and is not pampered at installation like the
> X server is) and thinks my Matrox G200 is a Tseng card or some other
> stuff like that, the same thing is probably going to happen. Crash
> crash.

No, no, no. If we speak over libggi than it will not crash your
system, it will not detect your grafic card, etc. It is just a wrapper
around other libs, like X,svgalib, fbdev or aalib (Yeah, that cool ;-). 
It allows the user to run the programm wereever he wants, if he don't
like svgalib, than he can use X, if you don't like X, then he may try
fbdev, if he hates graphics at all and wants text, he may try aalib ;-) 
For fullscreen he may try dga, etc.
I think lbGGI gives the user much much more flexibility than any X
program can ever offer and it also requires much less work.
For graphic only stuff GGI is IMHO the way to go, for games in general
I would prefer a game sdk which sits ontop of GGI.
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