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Re: SDL vs GGI

>I guess doing C++ trained me to have huge lumps of information about in
>my head. ;-)

>In a discussion I once had about languages and the wars that ensue, I
>came to the conclusion that if every programmer took the language
>definition/standard of their favorite language and dropped it over their
>head from a significant height, C++ would be a LOT less popular! :-))

I dunno, C++ isn't perfect, but it's not that bad. It does have some cool
features and after a couple of years you start getting into groove where
everything makes sense. Then you move somewhere where exceptions and templates
aren't supported by the compiler of choice. Ho-hum.

I used to be a total C freak, coming from a backgrounding in assembly/BCPL/Basic
and it took a while to switch, and even longer before I stopped using classes as
simply slightly smarter structures. A few years on hitting stuff like proper
memory management, and some of the really cool stuff that you can do in C++ when
you use it properly causes these personal crises as I wonder why the rest of
planet is faffing about still using malloc and leaking memory or writing these
horrible shell-scripts to try and do what templates are supposed to do. And yet
every time you pitch a "why don't you just do it properly" everyone looks at you
like you're mad. People must just love using their debuggers...