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Re: SDL vs GGI

Brett_A._Letner@NOTES.UP.COM wrote:

> > Never wondered why you paid for all that idle hardware?
> What are you trying to say here?  That I should give my resources to X so
> that my hardware won't be idle?
> I hope there is a better reason for running X than "because I can".

No, but if you only use stuff that is not accelerated and spend the
remaining time in text-mode, you should have bought my older S3 ViRGE
card, it would even have been overkill for that task and you could have
got it for 5$.

Your usage pattern dictates the cheapest AGP (for the bandwidth, you'll
need it!) card you can buy.

Pierre Phaneuf
Ludus Design, http://ludusdesign.com/
"First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you.
Then they fight you. Then you win." -- Gandhi