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Re: SDL vs GGI

Brett_A._Letner@NOTES.UP.COM wrote:
> >> Precisely which "resources" are being wasted?  I guarantee that if you
> >> have upgraded your 386, it won't be worth arguing about.
> Upgrading has nothing to do with it.
> Is it using any of the following:  RAM, DISK, CPU?

Well, a little - but nothing excessive IMHO.

> Is it providing any benefit?


> You've never installed software that froze X, locking keyboard
> and mouse?

Not recently...I've been using Linux all the way back to when
it was called Minix and I have run Xfree for *years* - in the
beginning, it was kinda flakey - but I can honestly say that
over the past year or two, X has not been a source of major
grief to me. It has it's faults (installation!) - but I have
not really had problems with it.

> I have.

Evidently!...I wonder why?  Presumably there is something you
do that I don't.  Can you give me some examples of things I
could try that make it die horribly?


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