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Re: SDL vs GGI

Marcelo Elias Del Valle wrote:
> Pierre Phaneuf wrote:
> >
> > Brett_A._Letner@NOTES.UP.COM wrote:

> > Why are you avoiding X?

>         I avoid X too. X is simple, is easy to programming,
> but the X, only, occupies more than 20% of the my machine's
> recourses.


RAM....No (unless you have <~16Mb).
Disk....No (unless you have <~100Mb).
CPU time...No (unless you have <486).
Screen space...well - yes - but that's what it's for!

I don't understand why people keep on claiming it's consuming

> SVGALib can't have hardware acceleration in future?
> I don't believe it's dead...

Well OpenGL/Mesa for SVGAlib is vanishing fast...for the
next wave of boards I'll be very suprised if there is support
for non-X OpenGL.

People on the cutting edge of graphics development aren't
even *thinking* about console applications.

SVGAlib may not be dead *yet* but I wouldn't bet on it
being useful in a year's time.


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