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Re: SDL vs GGI

Christian Reiniger wrote:

> >I also happen to agree with Dave Taylor on the subject of newer games
> >being behaving windowed applications, supporting things like cut & paste
> >and popping "regular" windows for alerts. If you also do, forget GGI.
> I don't know about you, but I sure don't want to play most games with a
> window border and with normal window controls etc. I want to get completely
> immersed in a game, I want to feel its atmosphere, I want to *be* in it for
> the time I play. Seeing the normal windowing stuff in the background
> destroys that atmosphere.

Well, in my day job, I design flight simulators...using...
<drum roll>...X!

There is nothing that needs more complete immersion than a flight
sim - so all I do is create an undecorated borderless window that
is the same size as the screen.  You can still push the window to
the back, resize it, iconify it, etc if you want to - but if you
don't, it stays there and you are immersed.

When I'm debugging, it's tremendously useful to have a small
GDB window popped up in front of my graphics.  Doing that without
X would be a nightmare!


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