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Re: SDL vs GGI

Brett_A._Letner@NOTES.UP.COM wrote:
> >> Is it providing any benefit?
> >Yep.
> For you, not for me.  Why must there only be only one right way to do
> things?
> >>Evidently!...I wonder why?  Presumably there is something you
> >>do that I don't.  Can you give me some examples of things I
> >>could try that make it die horribly?
> e.g.A couple of months ago I tried to install one of the xdm clones (wdm or
> gdm I don't remember which).  Upon startup it froze my screen, and disabled
> my keyboard and mouse.  I don't know if this was a problem with X, [g|w]dm,
> or an error I made during installation(most likely :) But really, I don't
> care.  User programs should simply not be able to force a reboot.

Ah! OK - installation of X (of which window managers and graphical
login screens are really a part) certainly *can* screw things up in
wonderful and hard to understand ways.

Modern install processes on some of the sexier Linux distro's are
rapidly solving this problem. However, in the meantime, all my
about X's utter reliability stem from the premise that you actually
have it all installed right.

Since (as I said earlier) I mostly use X to throw up a half dozen
Xterms, I don't really need a fancy window manager - so fvwm is
fine...I don't use graphical login programs - er - for no special
reason I guess.  I just don't feel the need when logging in and
typing 'startx' is no big deal.

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