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Re: SDL vs GGI

> Why on earth not?  With disk space costing ~$1 for 100MiB - why would
> you be so upset at 10 libraries at about 1MiB each...that's a grand
> total of about 10 cents worth of disk space.  Presuming they all get
> installed with your OS CD-ROM or with the games that use them, why
> would you care?

I find it aesthetically unpleasing.  Sure you can use massive amounts of
disk space and memory without concerns but that's poor programming.
If the 10 libraries are vastly different and serve different purposes
I can understand it.  But I see no reason to have gnome and kde.

Not to mention I still actually have a 486 that I run things on.
(I gave up on the 286 though.)

Dennis Payne