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Re: SDL vs GGI

>Modern install processes on some of the sexier Linux distro's are
>rapidly solving this problem. However, in the meantime, all my
>about X's utter reliability stem from the premise that you actually
>have it all installed right.

Won't install correctly under RedHat on my laptop for example...

>Since (as I said earlier) I mostly use X to throw up a half dozen
>Xterms, I don't really need a fancy window manager - so fvwm is
>fine...I don't use graphical login programs - er - for no special
>reason I guess.  I just don't feel the need when logging in and
>typing 'startx' is no big deal.

Actually I have to admit to using both console and X pretty much evenly. My
current main development box is a 100MHz 686, {but I should (this weekend or
next) move to the box next to it. Nice shiny P350.} and I use all the virtual
consoles and six X desktops... I had a quick look at top one day and discovered
I was logged in over 40 times, running 5 mail readers, emacs more than 10 times
and 2 copies of Netscape. It's even got an extra monitor for the Voodoo card.

I use X mostly for development because I need manuals and editors and stuff all
visible (3 desktops full - one for the software and two for two of the main
sub-systems). But I use the consoles for reading mail and running my business
on. Just seems easier. To run it all in X I'd need another couple of desktops
and that starts looking silly...