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Re: More Loki questions

(Sorting through an email deluge.  Sorry if this is redundant.)

Did these ever get sent?

Rob Kaper wrote:
> Okay, I made 5 more questions. If everyone is happy with the previous five
> and these one we/I can send them to Loki. I've tried to make them about game
> development so they suit the LGDC. If I missed out on some important issues
> let me know.
> 6) You were able to convince Activision to let you make a Linux port of
>    their game. How hard was that to do? What should Linux users do to get
>    more games ported other than buying the ones that have been? Do you think
>    petitions and requests will work?
> 7) Do you think there will be a time that companies like Loki will no longer
>    be necessary because the software houses have their own Linux developers
>    working on releases?
> 8) If you had to praise and critisize one area of Linux (game) development,
>    what would they be?
> 9) Which games are on your wishlist to be ported, if any?
> 10) Do you have any advice for Linux game developers creating their own game
>     or making a port/clone?
> Grtz, Rob
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