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Re: console vs X (was Re: SDL vs GGI)

> People seem to have some nebulous idea that X consumes excessive amounts
> of "resources" without being able to tell me what they mean by that word
> (RAM, Disk, CPU, power supply voltage - what?)...and then you see a wild
> claim that 20% of these mythical "resources" are consumed...still no
> indication
> of what that resource actually is.

X does take a lot of run-time to do rendering. I get peaks of 40% cpu time being
used by it, but to be fair, that's stuff that my code would have to be doing
under SVGALIB or DOS.

That's something people forget - the reason X looks like it's working hard is
that it's rasterising polys or blitting INSTEAD of the app doing it, not AS WELL