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Re: Linux Library Project, Game libraries

"Philipp Gühring" schrieb:

> >I thought quite a bit more on that matter lately and played around with
> >some models of how that thing could be done. My current favourite is a
> >close cooperation between PPlay and LGDC, looking somehow like this:
> Ok. Sounds good. But please do not do it only for all the
> game-devlopers libraries. If you do it then please for all libraries.

No. At least not at the beginning. I believe this would be a lot harder
to pull of. Focusing on a relatively clear target group - game
developers and gamers - makes it a lot easier, especially as we are all
in this area and the LGDC provides a good foundation.
It can grow in the future, but starting small makes it more likely to

> (Or do you declare all Linux-apps as games? :-))

Why not? ;)
Serious enough - if you think about it there´s surprisingly many libs
that make sense for games.