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Re: Interview

"Philipp Gühring" wrote:

> >> After having ported Würstelstand successfully to Linux, I want to
> >> offer an interview, if anyone is interested.
> >Ehm.. with who ??
> With me.
> Oh, I see, i said it in a confusing way. Sorry.


> >An article on the encountered porting woes would be cool though :)
> Is that the only question? (I thought an interview consists of
> several questions) But ok:

Wow, you're fast.  Interesting read !
So what do we do, start from here for an article, or do the interview :)
For an interview, how about "How was nonmusic sound done ?"  But maybe
before answering we first decide on the format and Q set ? :)

> missing in our data-files. What to do? I decided to fread groups of
> the members of the struct by hand, which is not a nice solution, but
> the only practical, because I really wanted to reuse the old files.

Are you considering ports to machines with other endianness btw ?..
In that case the work already done here in this per-member reading would
ease the way for on the fly byteswapping I guess..


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