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Re: Interview

Pierre Phaneuf wrote:

> We used structs in both (Win32 and Linux) versions of Quadra, and both
> platforms do word alignment. There is a compiler pragma that works on
> both Visual C++ and gcc/egcs, "#pragma pack(1)" to start packing and
> "#pragma pack()" to stop.

Huh ?  I thought it was the other way around :)  From MSDN :

When you use #pragma pack(n), where n is 1, 2, 4, 8, or 16,
each structure member after the first is stored on the smaller
member type or n-byte boundaries. If you use #pragma pack
without an argument, structure members are packed to the
value specified by /Zp. The default /Zp packing size is /Zp8.

So pack (1) would disable packing because it "packs" to 1 byte,
and pack () would restore whatever you had by default, which is
8 bytes for VC++.  Or am I missing something :)


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