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Re: libmikmod woes..

Steve Baker wrote:

>> I agree with you that starting another SDK is pointless. That's why we
>> decided to abort the PenguinPlay-as-a-library thing and changed it to
>> PenguinPlay-as-a-collection-of-libraries. The idea is to take the

>Of course if you get three or four people who have each written
>what they consider to be THE PERFECT (say) Audio library duking
>it out on the list, it's gonna get ugly fast!
>Unfortunately, you'd be in the opposite position that I mentioned
>in my last list (where most of the arguments come from the 95%
>of people who are NOT contributing code) - and into the ugly
>position where all of the arguments come from committed and
>practical programmers who know what they are talking about
>and who are defending their personal efforts in the face of
>their "competitors".

That's perhaps my least worry. As long as they all agree that this
cooperation thingy is a good idea in general, a few flame wars then and
when are ok with me ;)
Besides that - most of these developers also have some experience with net
discussions etc and thus at least know what logic reasoning, compromises
and admittances are. I'd rather moderate a discussion between KDE, Gnome,
GGI, XFree and Kernel (Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD) developers (all
of course either vi or emacs users) all at once than a horde of would-be
c00l d00dz trying to make a Quake mod together.
(Anecdote: A friend of mine designs Quake maps and is involved in such a
mod effort. He recently told me that he's about the only one able to
somewhat influence the "project leader". No, not by reasoning. By telling
him "if you don't agree I'll flood you with really ugly pictures" etc :(  )

>> If you want to get a better idea of it: I just finished the
>> basic homepage.
>> http://sunsite.auc.dk/penguinplay/ will take you there.
>(Wot - no PLIB links?  That's it - I'm already offended :-)

Give me some time ;)


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