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Re: OpenGL scenegraph

On Sun, 5 Sep 1999, Erik wrote:

>gtkglarea is the gtk one. Being independant of a toolkit is a good thing, I
>think, it allows a lot of modularity. It can be slurped up into another toolkit
>or 5, used independant, etc

Ok. If I knew gtk I could try it out.

>> Btw Steve, thanks for the nice docs on OpenGL you have on your site. I've
>> been reading a couple of them while trying to figure out how to properly
>> combine several rotations into one single rotation in order to avoid some
>> weird effects. Still struggling, so I had to write a Matrix class to try
>> out the theories in practise... :-)
>quaternions give me wood

:-) I found a short paper on quaternions, but it started off with saying
that quaternions are an extension to complex numberss. Hmm, I've always
disliked those phantasy-numbers, they seem to be totally useless. I'm no
mathematician, and I've completed our courses in math by brute force, i.e.
try to pass the exams over and over again. I can't seem to figure out how
to use them, so I'll stick with using three independent rotations for x, y
and z, although it sucks pretty bad. :-) If someone has a reference to a
snippet of code which given three angles around the x, y and z-axis
creates the final rotation matrix I'd be happy, otherwise I'll just let
that issue rest for a while and continue with the other funnier parts!

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