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Re: (OT) Re: memory management

>> And we're doing the C++ properly. If I have to kill the rest of the team and
>> then raise them from the dead in order to get them to obey my will as
>> law, that's what I'll do. We're doing it properly...
>Hmm, good idea, don't mind if I steal it from you? :-)

I should trademark it:

                         DEADRAISER(tm) 1.0

     Improve productivity - kill your team and raise them as soul-bonded
     hell-slaves. They'll never take vacations again!*

     Yes, this power can be yours with DeadRaiser(tm) 1.0!

     Do your competitors developers look like they're dead first thing in the
     morning? Maybe they're ALREADY using DeadRaiser(tm)!

     Wouldn't you like Einstein or Turing working on your project? Well you
can't     have them. Who do you think wrote the upgrade from 0.9? But there's a
     of graves out there... some of them have to be able to code - cure your
staff     shortage in one single night of grave robbery!

     Minimum requirements:
          Pentagram 3 and an unembalmed body with at least 128 millilitres of

     Recommended configuration:
          Small graveyard in Transylvania.

     Things they said about this product:

     "My team worked like daemons. Which of course they were..."

     "They even stopped playing Quake, apparently it made them homesick..."

               *small bones may need re-attaching from time to time.