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Re: Hello everybody, everybody hello...

Cyprien wrote:
> Hi, i'm Cyprien from France, and i'd like to program a small game under
> linux.
> Please tell me which librairie i should take (I've begin with SVGAlib)
> I want to make a Tron like game with network support, any number of players
> should be availaible on any machine,
> Simple graphism, the game will be launch with a command line.
> I prefer C++ than C librairies
> Sorry for my poor english.
> Cyprien

I'm using SDL for my games and I really love it. It has support for:
sound,graphic(X - fullscreen adn windowed),cd-rom,events(like key and
mouse handling) and threads. It runs under: Linux,Win32,MacOS,BeOs and
some others. But it's C.