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Re: What is an SDK

Bert Peers wrote:

>short, I felt that including this type of limited efforts would trigger
>a *lot* of new "SDK"s additions, starting with every single lib
>(probably tens or hundreds) that supports Linux in the 3D engine
>Any thoughts on this ?  Should LGDC list just about everything ?

Yup. But for the smaller ones only the title/classification/link to the
homepage should be filled in by us for a start. Asking the libs' authors
for a detailed "dossier" should be fine (it only benefits them after all),
and some feedback mechanism (comments from game developers who actually
*use* the lib) can add the remaining info.
That way much of the information can be gathered with relatively little
work done by you (just entering the dossiers into the database, looking
around for new libs, asking people to write something etc is left ;)

>the small ones ?  If we don't skip them, how do we prevent that
>visitors drown in a database so large that they might as well just
>have hit "+linux +games +sdk" in altavista ?....

Good indexing & proper search functions are the key ;)


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