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Re: What is an SDK

Steve Baker wrote:

> > at what point does a nice hack stop being a hack and become an
> > SDK ?
> ...it has to become a "library" first :-)
> This is another "what's in a name" things - who cares?

Ehm, I do :)  Makes a big difference if I have to go through the
zillion libs out there, or just keep an eye on the really big ones.

I like your suggestion about letting darwinism decide by watching the
news, but I'm not sure how it would fit in with the generic list of SDKs

we have now.  One possibility is that if the dbase Paul suggests is
meant to
replace the current handwritten comparison all together, then the DB
can list the entries in date of last modification/update.  That would
require that the DB ofcourse includes a versioning number so the
entry gets refreshed even in the absence of a feature change.  That
way we build the DB by adding entries for SDKs as they roll in
starting the day the DB is up, and then just take it from there,
pushing the small things to the back of an optionally long SDK
list automatically.
  Sounds good to me...


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