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Re: New game

"Philipp Gühring" wrote:
> Hi!
> To the Linux Game Community:
> I got the sourcecode of a game called DefCon 17.
> It is similar to Command & Conquer, but I would say, it will be much
> better.
> The original authors stopped the project, but I think that decision
> was wrong.

I guess it would be nice to know why they abandoned it - and
ask if any of them would be prepared to rejoin a restarted project to
complete it.

Is there still a web site for it?  Any other information - like how
complete it is, etc?

> Is the Linux Game community interested in the game? Should we do it?

I could get interested - if there is a little more information to go on.

Picking up 100,000 lines of non-working code with ZERO other information
would be a daunting prospect. Picking up 2,000 lines of code would be
a waste of time (easier to start again and make your own decisions).

It would just be nice to know some more.

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