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Re: game "related" / RL game tools

If you mean a program that can do things like generate a characture and or
determin random events and monster encounters then I would be very


On Thu, 9 Sep 1999 13:44:34 -0500, mythus@mailandnews.com wrote:

> In addition to the computer game project I am in, I also have a little
> thing with an RPG helper program.  It's a program that aids with a game
> played in RL, not a computer game.  Is this sort of thing on or off
> I am going to begin promoting it and wanted to know if this is even of
> interest as far as posting on LGDC, etc.?  Or is this just too far afield
> game dev stuff?
> (The whole thing is in pure Tcl/Tk and is GPL)
> Darel Finkbeiner
> Programmer-at-Large
> mythus@mailandnews.com
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