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RE: modem control

On 10-Sep-99 James wrote:
> hello there,
>               ok, all i want to do is send stuff to the modem.. for
> example ATZ and ATDT, then send some chars and recieve some chars.....
> nothing fancy just simple stuff.....  however it doesn`t seem as easy as
> just opening /dev/modem and "write"ing to it..... i looked at the
> minicom code and it is way too complicated for my needs.
> some example code on how to open and just send some commandes to the
> modem to get it to dial would be nice....

I know you can do something like this in bash

echo ATH2 >> /dev/modem

and it works. You might also look at chat (which I'd think would be MUCH
simpler than minicom) or dip. 

(people still write games with modem-modem support? hell, I thought it was bad
that ipx was still included... :) unless this isn't a game? *shrug* whayebba,
echo gets the hayes commands to the hw just fine)

> many thanks,
> James

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