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Re: archive ?!

On 13-Sep-99 Ingo Ruhnke wrote:
> Christian Reiniger <warewolf@mayn.de> writes:
>> * Open Source game development and spoiling the game's story
>> * Developing (parts of) commercial games as open source
>> * Where are all the free game artists?
>> * The mystery about the advantage of low level languages
>> Want more?
> Sure :-) 
> Could we put a list with requested articles on LGDC, so that it is
> easier to understand what infos is missing and which can be found
> elsewhere.

possably we need some kind of database that stores who has what article idea,
so two people aren't concurrently working on the same article? (or if they are,
they can combine forces and/or trade info?). I got a couple of those that I
might like to write on if I can manage free time :) I got lots of nothing to say

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