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Re: archive ?!

Christian Reiniger wrote:

> * Ways to make games enjoyable for handicapped people

I have been thinking for some time that it might be cool to get
a really good 3D sound card and to make a game with just audio...
no graphics at all.

This would be great for the blind - but would make a truly unique
game for everyone. Play it in the dark!

I'm thinking something like big creatures like T.Rex's and things
like the Jurassic park Velociraptors chasing us, sneaking up behind,
etc.  Our weapon would fire some kind of a missile with a nice whoosh
noise so you can hear where it goes.

Since there is zero graphics in this game, the CPU should be lightly
loaded enough to do some sophisticated acoustics math to get reverb,
echoes and audio refraction right.

I think it would need a cheap head-tracker to detect at least
but you can build a cheesy one of those by dismantling a mouse mechanism
and detecting not head movement - but the rotation of a swivel chair.
You'd need headphones for the audio of course.

...but it's just a thought at the moment...I don't own a 3D sound
card - and they probably aren't implemented under Linux yet anyway.

Well, if you are interested in such a concept, get in touch - maybe
we could start a web-based development team.

Steve Baker                  http://web2.airmail.net/sjbaker1
sjbaker1@airmail.net (home)  http://www.woodsoup.org/~sbaker
sjbaker@hti.com      (work)