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Fwd: Majik 3D predecessors

	Perhaps someone can up this?

>Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 11:12:48 +0300 (EEST)
>From: Tommi Leino <namhas@majik.netti.fi>
>To: ptiseo@mediaone.net
>Subject: Majik 3D predecessors
>The Majik Development Team releases Majik3D's predecessors' source code 
>publicly available under the GNU Public License (GPL), hoping that our 
>previous work would still be useful for game developers meddling with MUD, 
>roguelike or other kinds of 2D game development. The released source code 
>might also provide a base for building a whole new game. See 
>http://majik.netti.fi/history.html for more detailed information. The 
>tarballs are available from ftp://majik.netti.fi/attic/. 
>Tommi Leino / Majik 3D project
>namhas@majik.netti.fi http://majik.netti.fi

Paul Tiseo
LGDC's webmaster