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Re: string???

Felix Kollmann <fkollmann@gmx.net> writes:

>> It should or should it just segfault?!
> Isn´t that an exception, too?

No, thats an signal, something similar, but it has nothing to do with

$ info signal

on how to setup an signal handler, but in most cases you don't need that.
>> Broken gcc? Older gcc had problems with exeptions and other C++
>> stuff. For C++ you should use egcs or >=gcc2.95(which is a remerge between
>> gcc and egcs).
> No. If I make a ´throw 1;´ it will be catched.

As said, if it a segfault there is nothing to catch, so the programm
will exit.


test[0]= "...";



and it should work.
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